Explore the mysterious tombs of Ancient Egypt – Play Egyptian Tombs, Tomb of Akhenaten and Tomb of Nefertiti

General June 18, 2021 12:44 pm

The Egyptian pyramids are among the seven wonders of the world – and rightly so, of course! They are the mystical tombs of the pharaohs, the powerful rulers of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in rebirth and a life in the afterlife. Therefore, they celebrated the burial of their kings to ease their way into the new life. The bodies of the dead were mummified to protect them from rapid decay. Their tombs were built like houses, with different rooms and floors, secret doors and traps to keep out unwanted intruders.

The walls were decorated with detailed drawings, which – carved in stone – were meant to commemorate the dead for all eternity. In addition, the deceased were placed in the grave with various everyday items that they might need in their afterlife: Furniture, clothes, food and drink, games, cosmetics and jewelry were supposed to make the new beginning easier. Amulets were put on the dead to protect them from evil. The tombs were full of valuable objects and therefore often fell victim to thieves: grave robbers who wanted to enrich themselves with the treasures of the dead pharaohs. You want to explore the secrets of Egyptian tombs and discover their treasures? These slots will show you the magical world of Ancient Egypt. Maybe you will win the wealth of the pharaohs yourself – virtually in our arcade on Wunderino.

The Slot – Egyptian Tombs

It’s night in front of the world famous pyramids of Giza. To your right is the statue of the Sphinx. The moon shines brightly, the sky is clear, thousands of stars can be seen: Welcome to the Egyptian Tombs slot! Queen Cleopatra is your most important character here. She was the last female pharaoh of the Egyptian Ptolemaic Empire before the Roman conquest and ruled until the year 30 BC. Until her mysterious death, Cleopatra tried everything imaginable to protect her empire from being taken over – she became the mistress of the most powerful Roman rulers, Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, and that is why she is known as a skillful seductress and queen of love to this day. Also in this slot Cleopatra has the power to bring you high winnings. If her symbol appears more than three times on the field, she will give you the highest win multipliers. The sky god Horus, who is depicted as a falcon, and Bastet, the goddess of joy, who protects you from evil forces and appears in the form of a cat, also help you as multipliers. The cross symbol Anch, the sign of life, is as valuable as the cat. The Ra symbol symbolizes the eye of the sun god Re; it represents the sun, which keeps everything alive, and is often placed over grave entrances to drive away evil. If it appears more than five times in the game, it activates bonus wins that are paid out one by one. There is also the Scarab symbol in this slot: The purple beetle – also called scarab – is a lucky symbol, as it stands for resurrection. If the Scarab symbol appears more than three times in the slot, it triggers the Tomb Bonus feature. With this feature, you can play up to 50 free spins! The number of free spins is determined by spinning a wheel of fortune and is therefore completely random.
Additionally, the slot offers you the Super Spin feature, which can be triggered randomly during the base games and the free spins. In this feature, additional Ra, Cleopatra or Horus symbols are added to the slot. Ra symbols become Wilds in this feature and substitute for all symbols except the Scarab symbol.

The Slot – Thomb of Akhenaten

In Tomb of Akhenaten slot you will dive into the world of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten: a king whose reign is also described as the black period of Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh appears as a bonus symbol in the slot and triggers the Akhenaten Spins feature. When the Pharaoh is spun, he raises his hands as if invoking a curse, and lightning appears between his fingers. A purple fire burns around the squares. If three bonus symbols appear, you get eight spins and for each additional symbol you get another two spins. Any win in the base game triggers Sticky Win spins. There are three levels in this feature; if you get a higher win than in the previous spin, you will reach a new level. In the last level, all positions without a win are spun again. In the process, you get a chance to score Pyramid Wilds. If a Pyramid Wild appears at the top of a column, all symbols in that row will be converted into Pyramid Wilds and give you additional chances to win. The wild symbol of the slot is Lara Croft, the action heroine from the Tomb Raider computer games. She substitutes for all other symbols except for the bonus symbol. Additionally, the slot features the symbols of various animal gods: Re appears to you in the form of a man with a hawk’s head. He wears the red sun disk on his head. The god Anubis, in turn, manifests as a dog: he was responsible for embalming the dead in Ancient Egypt. Sobek, the fertility god, is depicted as a crocodile. Thoth is the god of scholars and is shown with the head of a blue ibis bird. The cat in the slot represents the goddess Bastet, who is supposed to protect you from harm; she also offers you high multipliers. Overall, the RTP in the slot is 96.09%.

The Slot – Tomb of Nefertiti

The Tomb of Nefertiti slot offers you not only insights into the world of the powerful ruler Nefertiti, but also four exciting additional features – Raider Spins, Free Re-Spins, the Wild Raider and the Curse of Nefertiti feature. Nefertiti, also known as Nefertiti in German, lived in the 14th century BC. She was the wife of Akhenaten and supported him in his reign. From today’s perspective, she could be called a super-feminist who strengthened the position of women in ancient Egypt. However, there is still no solid evidence about her death and her tomb, and her mummy has not been discovered yet. Thus, Nefertiti became a myth in Egyptian history. The queen is the bonus symbol in the slot: if she is shown more than three times, she triggers at least ten Raider Spins. The Raider Spins, in turn, activate the Wild Raider feature and add at least one wild symbol to the reels. Each Bonus symbol that appears during Raider Spins generates a free re-spin. With each win you get an additional re-spin, all winning positions are re-spun and the multiplier increases by one. In the main game, the multiplier can increase by up to three times during re-spins, but in Raider Spins there is no limit! If you have a winning combination with Wild symbols, the Wild symbols become Sticky Wilds – they persist in the Re-Spins, increasing your chances of winning! The Wild Raider feature can be triggered on any spin in the main game. Here, Wilds are placed on the middle three reels; up to nine Wilds can be displayed in this feature. The Curse of Nefertiti feature can also be triggered randomly on each spin. When this feature is activated, Nefertiti appears in the picture; the middle reels are outlined with fire and all positions turn into equal symbols, triggering big wins! Coins fly through the picture, because: Nefertiti’s curse has revealed the Egyptian burial treasure to you! What are you waiting for? Play this slot machine and many more on Wunderino.


With these slots you have the chance to secure the treasures of the royal tombs! Discover the mythical gods in animal forms that promise you high win multipliers and play your way through the virtual tombs of Cleopatra, Akhenaten and Nefertiti. But be careful not to piss off the pharaohs! The curse of the pharaohs is said to affect anyone who disturbs the rulers’ rest in their tombs and gets too close to their riches – a myth that you are certainly safe from in our virtual arcade. Start your adventure in Ancient Egypt.