Stronger than a demigod? With these slots, guaranteed!

General June 28, 2021 8:24 am

Greek mythology fascinates you? And maybe Norse mythology too? Very good, because today you get both with our Demi Gods Slots. It’s mystical when half god, half human fights with you on the reels for the big booty.
Will the winnings remain a fairy tale with the mythical creatures? Convince yourself.

Demi Gods II

We’re about to get started with Demi Gods II, one of the many slots that are based on the success guarantee of Greek mythology. But the name of the slot – "Demi Gods II" – is a bit deceptive, because almost all characters that appear in the game are real gods. However, this does not dampen the fun of the game, quite the contrary. And the base game is definitely mystical. You find yourself in front of a cloud-covered sky – in the various bonus games, things really start to crack. Your journey goes from the depths of Hades up to Olympus. And which divine rulers can’t be missing? Right: Zeus, Hades & Co. This time Ares, the Greek god of war, is also part of the game. The wild symbols show the winged sandals of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In general, the game’s graphics are incredibly good. The card symbols Ace to Nine do most of the work on the screen, the big wins are achieved by the high paying symbols. A special feature of the slot: The individual symbols can be displayed in full length and then extend across the entire width of the reel. This representation is very unusual and completely stands out from the conventional arrangement. For this reason alone, the slot is an absolute gaming recommendation. But let’s see what its successor, Demi Gods III, has to offer:

Demi Gods III

While Demi Gods I and II were about the good old Greeks, Demi Gods III goes to the far north to the deities of the Vikings. Zeus and the other inhabitants of Olympus are replaced by Odin, Frigg, Thor, Loki and Tyr. The slot is so well designed that you feel completely transported to Norse mythology and would love to swing the hammer yourself. But Thor takes care of that; all you have to do is swing your fingers. The Norse gods also represent another blockbuster theme in the world of slot games. All three slots – Demi Gods I to III – come from Spinomenal Phenomenal are, as usual, all graphic elements at the manufacturer. Of course, Odin and his companions shine from the reels in the best possible way, but all other components of the game are also insanely well implemented. With great attention to detail, this virtual slot machine is one hundred percent convincing. The soundtrack is in no way inferior and adds the necessary drama to the gaming experience. Sound and design are perfectly matched, and so Demi Gods III is also an absolute game recommendation. You want to play cool games for free? Then head over to Wunderino!

Book of Demi Gods II

Book of Demi Gods II is a spin-off of the Demi Gods series. The Greek gods are united once again at the start. Everything in the slot revolves around the great book of power. And again you can expect fantastic graphics, an epic soundtrack and wonderful features – for example, a wild that can substitute for all other symbols, as well as a Free Spins feature. Book of Demi Gods II is a good-looking title that is fun to play and definitely worth a few spins. You want to play slots for free? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Book of Demi Gods III

With the video slot Book of Demi Gods III, Spinomenal once again falls back on Scandinavian mythology – success guaranteed. The Norse gods are once again ready to battle it out for the top prize, which is up to 5000 times the total bet. This epic 10-pay-line slot features the supreme god Odin, the cunning Loki and the charming fertility goddess Freya. The game has an exclusive buy feature: players can buy free spins with a random expansion symbol. The theoretical payout percentage is 96.14%. Free spins feature, big wins and atmospheric music combined with fantastic design will make the hearts of every slot fan beat faster.

About the manufacturer

Spinomenal is an up-and-coming Israeli software provider that is growing rapidly, which doesn’t surprise us considering the game quality. The portfolio of the manufacturer now includes more than 100 HTML5 games. One or two releases are added every month, which makes Spinomenal one of the fastest growing content providers in the industry. Unique selling points are certainly the high-quality graphics and the fascinating features that have been developed for maximum gaming fun! We are curious to see what else is to come.


Phenomenal – that’s all we can really say about it. The slots convince with graphics, sound, theme as well as features and are simply fun. We are already looking forward to everything that will come from Spinomenal in the near future. And the best part: At Wunderino, you can play the slots from any device – the Wunderino app makes it possible. Playing free spins is your thing? Very good – because we have regular bonuses and free spins waiting for you. Free games? You’ve come to the right place.